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Remembering the past (getting more difficult with time) I grew up in the age before TELEVISION as did all of the Green Berets of the first

generation (77th SF at Fort Bragg and 10th SF in Bad Tolz, Germany) and part of the second generation (Vietnam era). For evening entertainment

we had the family, or the radio. Yes, the radio was a center of entertainment. The radio also provided news and some educational programs. A few

of the exciting programs I do remember are the Inner Sanctum and the Green Hornet. What the radio was then was a voice or voices of

several people telling a story that was interesting and exciting. The voice conveyed it all. No visual effects, yet the programs were great

to listen to and the voice carried the story to all listeners in such a way that they were very entertaining.

At SOAR XXXIX I met Keith McKim a Green Beret and was a member

of MACV-SOG. Keith brings back a taste of the past, and more importantly he provides a fresh look at a huge piece of our history

in the process. He took on a huge project… and delivers.

Keith McKim has recorded the story of all MACV-SOG Special Forces Soldiers who were awarded the Medal of Honor

in Vietnam. He goes into great detail of each soldiers life, military service and especially the combat action that led to the

award of his Medal of Honor. What Keith does is go back to the era of the radio programs of the 1930’s to the early ’50’s and delivers the

soldiers story in the genre of the past, and his voice is articulate, animated

and emotional. Truly a professional presentation! “Vietnam

Green Berets S.OG. Medal of Honor Recipients.”

Each MACV-SOG Green Beret Medal of Honor recipient is recorded

as an individual segment on a series of two C.D.s for easy listening

at home or while driving in your car as I did. Many of the MACV-SOG

MOH events I had read about or heard the story via friends, yet for

the most part I knew nothing of the soldier himself. Listening to these

stories I have gained a huge amount of respect and knowledge of

each of these soldiers who “earned” the nations highest award.

Visit for information on this important presentation.

Lonny Holmes

Sentinel Editor