The history of the American Heroes who served in Special Operations in the War in Vietnam and who were awarded the Medal of Honor for their bravery in action need to be told over and over again.  Keith McKim, himself a decorated member of Special Operations, does a great service by telling these true stories in a captivating way.  This is our history and every American should listen and appreciate the sacrifices these men made for us all.


Thank you for your service to our nation

I thoroughly enjoyed your CD.  These are truly stories that every American should know!  I am an avid reader of Macv Sog material and supporter of our Special Operations Forces past and present.  I wanted to serve in the military as a Green Beret but moderate cerebral palsy kept me from military service.  I am a very proud son of an Air Force Vietnam Veteran (now deceased) who served in South Vietnam from December 1965 to November 1966 as a ground vehicle mechanic in support of a FAC squadron.  I hope you make more CD's about MACV SOG.  Thank you again and if you are ever in Arizona you are welcome in my home anytime!

God Bless,
Brandon Brewer


Thank you!

You shall feel most at home with the Air Commandos Assn. No one has to say a word! Everyone has walked the walk.

Vietnam Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients

Keith McKim is one of those special people that I met through Howard Staub.  We’ve been friends for several years and he never ceases to amaze me.  Keith is a history nut, loves to do research, is a great writer (including poetry) and talented reciter.  He is also passionate about any project he delves into but especially if it has anything to do with our great country and her military heroes. Keith McKim spent several tours in Vietnam as a Green Beret.  In the process he lost an eye and had several other injuries and won several awards including Silver Stars, Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts.

In the past couple of years Keith McKim started writing about Vietnam Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients and has since recorded those factual stories on a CD set.  The stories are amazing and if you have any interest in War history and the men who created those stories you need to have this CD.

The stories are about Roy P. Benavidez, George K. Sisler, Jon R. Cavaiani, Franklin D Miller, John J Kedenburg, Fred W. Zabitosky, Robert L. Howard and Loren D Hagen.

To order your copy of this CD set go to https://www.facebook.com/sogvietnam/info  and go to the About page. Or you can go directly to http://www.yuccacreekrecords.com/catalog.html.  Or you can go to www.amazon.com and search for Keith McKim.  You will be glad you did.

Thank you Keith for what you do and how you do it!  I’m proud to be your friend!


VIETNAM – Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients

"Keith McKim is the real deal. They do not make men like this anymore. Keith has been a 1-0 (Team Leader) of a top secret recon team. He sets a fine example of authentic masculinity and the true stories of valor and selfless service that he tells in his CD set Vietnam - Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients are absolutely captivating. My retired Delta Force Colonel friend told me that the first time he listened to it, he could not get out of his truck until the end. Keith's CD set is the most valuable CD set I personally own, and I highly recommend this as listening material for every veteran and for every young man who needs a reference of what true courage, leadership and selfless service look like.

Do yourself a favor and help a veteran by investing in this CD set. It will inspire you!"


Keith's stories are spellbinding

Keith's stories are spellbinding and bring tears to the eyes of listeners. He is so real and his stories bring a new appreciation of what the Vietnam war costs our men. I never wanted to talk about the war, but Keith brought a new view and understanding of what are men went though.


Never, Ever Forget

I was privileged to receive and listen to this 2-disc set of the stories of the Studies & Observation Group’s Medal of Honor recipients as excellently narrated by former One-Zero of Recon Team Cobra, Keith L. McKim.

It is an excellent and concise history of the unit, by the incredible numbers, as well as an individual detailing of the actions of the men of SOG who were recognized by the award of our nation’s highest military medal for valor. Keith begins his narration with a description of SOG, the unit and its mission, then does a masterful job of demonstrating why this unit, among all that served in Vietnam, was so highly decorated (even though decorations were uncommon because of the secret nature of the missions) and so vehemently hated by our enemy. That such a small unit could cause an entire enemy army to devote such large numbers of men to search out and destroy (or attempt to destroy) the teams, was unheard of and the likes of which will never be seen again. Keith gives the listener the facts – and the facts begin to show just “why” SOG was so very special.

After his first chapter history of the unit, he begins the stories of these men with the incredible story of Tango-Mike-Mike, Roy P. Benavidez. He devotes the balance of the CD-ROM to the stories of the other recipients, each narrated with decorum and excellent voice inflection. It is obvious that Keith has put his own experiences in the inflection of his voice and the emotions that come with listening (and reflecting, for those who have experienced close combat) to these men’s histories - all which constitute the history of this exemplary unit of the bravest of the brave.

Readers of books may have read of some of these men and their medal missions, but to listen to these same events as narrated by Keith causes the “pause” button on your CD player to be used more than once (at least I had to use mine). It has an emotional impact that is lacking on the written page.

I highly recommend this CD and can tell you that with the forces of historical “reinvention” working overtime, we all need to make sure that these stories are not only remembered, but told and re-told to our young so that these men and SOG will never be forgotten.


Written by a true Green Beret Special Forces member.

Keith McKim is an amazing man who inspires me every day. In honor of him and all the men and women who have served our country I feel I should give high praise to his new audio book about the SOG members who received the Medal of Honor in the Viet Nam war. In his 60s he began to do what he truly loved and after hard work and many set backs, he is achieving what he set out to do. This is just one aspect of his vast set of talents. He is a writer, a public speaker, an honored veteran, an entrepreneur, a sitting tap dancer, an auctioneer, a warrior, an activist, and the list goes on.

This audio book is a detailed and moving piece that truly captures these honorable men's stories of heroism. He captures this not only with his words but also in the way he speaks, because we know that he was a fellow Green Beret SOG member and he conveys, with a powerful voice, the chaos, heartache, bravery, and honor in being in MACVSOG. "Vietnam Green Berets SOG" not only will tell you how and why these 13 men received the medal of honor, it will give you a glimpse into their life, it will explain Special Forces Culture, it will show you that any one of us can become a hero, it will move you deeply. I have heard Keith speak for years and heard many of his stories. This is one of his finest works and I recommend you share this with your fathers, your children, your friends, our veterans, and everyone who takes pride in what our service men and women do for us and our country.


Powerful stories told by a man who was there.

Excellent recounting of the SOG Green Beret action that earned the Medal of Honor. A good tribute to the men who acted so selflessly in the face of extreme danger to their own persons.
These stories are powerful, especially as Keith served with the SOG in Vietnam and sustained severe injuries in action behind enemy lines.


Ordinary men did extraordinary things!

Ordinary men did extraordinary things!
Keith McKim, author and voice, brings these acts to light and life as he recounts these courageous deeds in his work, Vietnam Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients. It is in hearing Keith's recounting of these men who dared all in the face of overwhelming odds that these stories inspire us to do greater things. What would we have done in those situations? Would we have done the same in the instant that a decision had to be made for all concerned if we were in combat?
Keith, a Green Beret veteran of S.O.G., knows what these men endured in the heat of battle. He was team lead for a reconnaissance team, severely wounded as a member of RT Cobra.
These CDs speak of the 8 Green Beret Special Operations Group who earned the Medal of Honor for such actions in Vietnam. George Sissler was the first and Loren Hagen, the last in the Green Beret family.
Their stories evoke actions taken when the fog of war descends upon a fast-moving situation and they are called to task for comrades and country.
It is a sad commentary to note that the Vietnam War is fast fading from our society. Barely mentioned in history classes in our educational systems. So I am delighted to see there are those like Keith McKim who are preserving the deeds on audio. Kudos to Keith!
I am not a military historian. I am a passionate friend not only of the SOA but for the military services as these men and women are sent into harm's way. My hardy recommendation to have these stories in CD form as part of our proud heritage when men are called to duty with the selfless acts of bravery. This foundation is what makes America still strong today.
Lest we forget


The true stories of our heroes that America needs to hear.

This CD will move you--true accounts of American heroes fighting and saving others in the teeth of close combat, skillfully told by a man who's been there. Keith McKim tells the stories of the men who took on impossible challenges and came through them, saving their injured fellow soldiers in the process. These were the real heroes, those who selflessly stepped out for the most difficult missions, the missions that few could accomplish. These are stories that need to be told to anyone facing overwhelming odds and who need to know that there is a way to triumph, that success can be rescued from what seems to be sure defeat, that self sacrifice and service to others does matter, that little may be enough, that hope can inspire to achieve what must be done. With piercing insight and first-hand experience, Keith McKim delivers what America needs to hear. You will be changed by hearing it. ~Norm Steen, Brigadier General (retired)


Incredible true tales of heroism and an invaluable piece of oral history - Exceptional!

A truly extraordinary re-telling of some of the greatest examples of courage and selfless service in the history of the U.S. military. Keith McKim, as a former RT One-Zero himself, brings first-hand perspective and rock-solid authenticity to the discs' narration. Mr. McKim has thoroughly researched each selection and his heartfelt recitation brings each section to life for the listener. Each featured M.O.H. recipient's story highlights the incredible personal fortitude, initiative, and professionalism that was a common attribute among S.O.G. warriors. I highly recommend this to anyone even remotely interested in U.S. military history and the lineage of Special Operations forces - or to anyone interested in almost unbelievable, but absolutely true, stories of heroism on the battlefield. I sincerely hope to see future productions of this type from Mr. McKim.


The first time I listened to Keith McKim’s inspirational work ...

The first time I listened to Keith McKim’s inspirational work I was in my vehicle. When I reached my destination I sat in the parking lot, mesmerized by the story, unwilling to quit listening. Such is the nature of this tribute to the SOG Medal of Honor recipients. Once you start listening, you’re hooked. An award citation gives a glimpse of the action that merited the award, but Keith takes us much deeper and tells us about the men themselves. Combine this with incredibly vivid battle sequences, and these stories of courage, honor, loyalty, and patriotism will leave you too sitting in a parking lot listening.

Colonel Lee Van Arsdale (LAVA), Special Forces, Delta Force


Important and Captivating Work

Keith motivated and challenged me as I watched him research and develop the stories for speaking engagements. His love and respect for men in these stories rings true in each sentence. His experience as one who was there and led the men allows him to "read between the lines" of the Medal of Honor award citations to put you in their place. I was taught by some the military aviators who took part in the arial side of the battles using scenarios similar to those Keith recounts, but hearing the blow-by-blow accounts filled in the picture and engendered in me unfathomable respect. I think it's such an important work I bought one for my dad, sons, brothers and brothers-in-law for Father's Day.


It makes traveling long distances on Southern California's clogged highways less painful and educational

I want to thank fellow CCN recon man Keith McKim for taking the time and energy to produce this audio book on the Green Berets who fought in America's eight-year secret war under the aegis of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam - Studies and Observations Group, or simply SOG.
The stories he tells are compelling and true.
More heroic than any SOG fiction book.
I've listened to the entire set several times. It makes traveling long distances on Southern California's clogged highways less painful and educational.
Thank you Keith. Keep up the good work.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Could not stop listening to these amazing accounts of SOG and their heroic actions in Vietnam. I am so looking forward to Keith's next installment in this series. Once you listen, you'll be hooked because we don't get the truth about Vietnam and in these accounts you will begin to truly grasp just how incredible our American soldiers were in these battles and you will also be disgusted with the arrogance and failure of our so-called leaders and their failure to support our warriors. Thanks Keith and HUA on a job well done.


These stories are fantastic! Highly recommend!

This CD is incredible! Keith McKim is a gifted storyteller. These real stories of real-life heroes are a wonderful account of the special ops missions and the bravery of our Special Forces soldiers during the Vietnam era. Keith Mckim has a special connection to these stories because he is a decorated Green Beret who was actually there in Vietnam and ran special ops missions as a team leader. I highly recommend this CD. It will keep you at the edge of your seat and riveted to every word. Buy it today!


A must for every audio library!!

Wow!! Incredible stories of real events in our history. Keith does a wonderful job (duty) of bringing to us these incredible acts of Heroism that would just be forgotten. Thank you to each and everyone that has and is serving our country in an honorable manor. This is very moving and should be in everyone's audio library. These and stories like these should be past to generations so that real valor is not lost. Thank you Keith for your research and dedication to this project.


Fantastic! I travel for a living and use audio ...

Fantastic! I travel for a living and use audio books to fill my drive days. Normally I'll listen to a story and move on to the next...that was not so with this audio book! With each story I found myself not only hearing about Macv SOG for the first time but also wanting to get deeper into each of these brave heroes life stories. Thank you Keith McKim for sharing and introducing us to the men of SOG as well as giving us new heroes to model our own lives after!


Unbridled Honor

A truly wonderful speaker. The true stories that were told, not only did I not know about them but anyone of that era, should listen or anyone who is interested in military history. Being a Vietnam era vet, who did not go over, but thought I understood all about the war and all we were involved in until I heard this. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who wants to hear more about the soldiers with unbridled honor during that war.



AMAZING!!!! These stories are an incredible tribute to the brave men who gave so much for our country. They will inspire, motivate, bring tears, and all around bring an understanding of the price our men and women pay to keep the freedom of this amazing country. God bless America, and God bless the men and women of our military. They are true hero's, and these stories are proof. Worth every penny, and I highly recommend.


Stories of Heroism by a Hero

Riveting stories of incredible courage and sacrifice against impossible odds. Written and narrated by highly-decorated SOG Team Leader Keith McKim, these are tales of true American heroes who earned their country's highest military award fighting for freedom in an unpopular war. McKim infuses his own SOG experiences into his writing, making the sights and sounds of combat all too real. Highly recommended!


True stories, told well from a man who'd been there.

I happen to know the author, Keith. He was a green beret during the period of the Viet Nam War & writes from experience as well as from his heart. He writes in a way that is so engaging that it is hard to stop listening to a story mid-way, causing me to sit in the garage at times to finish one. He is also the voice telling the stories & has that aspect of the CD down.


True hero stories

Make sure to carve out some time for this. Once you've listened to the first five minutes, you'll find it difficult not to listen all the way through in one sitting. I was born after Vietnam, but this album has given me greater insight and appreciation for what veterans experienced there. I feel like I can relate more to my father as a result.



Keith McKim is the real deal. His CD set is outstanding. I consider it to be the most valuable CD set I ever owned. It is awe inspiring. I highly recommend Vietnam Gren Betets S.O.G. Every red blooded American man should listen to this. It is amazing untold real life history. Raw, real, educational, entertaining and uncommonly extraordinary.


Vietnam courage and bravery - a story like none other.

A story that needs to be told! The courage and bravery of these men who put it all on the line for our freedom is nothing short of amazing.
Everyone should hear this story, no one should take freedom for granted. I thank all the men who served in SOG up to present day Special Operations.


A true American

Keith McKim bares his life experiences to better mankind. His passion for his country is revealed in his God fearing qualities. His CD is something every American needs to witness. Lastly, his dedication to the freedom we all experience daily is an example we shall never forget...


Vietnam Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor recipients

Amazing narration and story of the brave men who fought valiantly in Viet Nam. I never realized the extent of their sacrifice and courage. Everyone should listen to this story and realize that freedom is never free but costs the lives of many a brave man!


What a great day! It is so overdue that these men's ...

What a great day!
It is so overdue that these men's stories are told and America realizes the truth about Vietnam.
Kieth McKim is one of the last of these men and just the one to get this so necessary job done!
Keep up the great work!


My first review.....

Want heroes? Real heroes? Men of courage, men with loyalty? These stories, written and read by a man who was there (and would never tell you about his heroism) and masterfully done are riveting. We owe them all a debt of gratitude.


Fascinating stories!

An amazing compilation of true stories; intriguing from beginning to end. It’s a fantastic tribute the heros of S.O.G. I highly recommend this audio set.


They performed some amazing deeds for our country but few people know about ...

In 1962-3, I served in a support role at Nha Trang, South Vietnam. The most respected troops on the air base were the Green Berets or U.S. Special Forces. They were the “force multipliers” in the Vietnam War.

During the Vietnam War there was a secret unit called S.O.G. which stands for “Studies and Observations Group”. They performed some amazing deeds for our country but few people know about the unit.

Some S.O.G. members have kept silent even after the military declassified documents in 1990s.

I’ve also had the honor of knowing Keith McKim for over 15-years while he told his patriotic stories. On this project, he tells the stories Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients. He is in a unique position to tell these stories having been a member of S.O.G. and with the ability to hold an audience captivated.

Keith’s focus is on the Medal of Honor Recipients but it also a tribute to all the military men and women who serve this great nation we all love. God Bless America and protect those who serve our country today.


HIGHLY recommended!

Incredible stories of true American heroes professionally narrated by Keith McKim. HIGHLY recommended!


SOG Medal of Honor Recipients

I found the CDs fascinating. The stories are told with an intensity and knowledge that makes you feel like you are there and in the action. The history part is enough to pay for the CD. I'm sorry for all the disrespect that the Vietnam Vets had heaped upon them.