Keith McKim is an amazing man who inspires me every day. In honor of him and all the men and women who have served our country I feel I should give high praise to his new audio book about the SOG members who received the Medal of Honor in the Viet Nam war. In his 60s he began to do what he truly loved and after hard work and many set backs, he is achieving what he set out to do. This is just one aspect of his vast set of talents. He is a writer, a public speaker, an honored veteran, an entrepreneur, a sitting tap dancer, an auctioneer, a warrior, an activist, and the list goes on.

This audio book is a detailed and moving piece that truly captures these honorable men's stories of heroism. He captures this not only with his words but also in the way he speaks, because we know that he was a fellow Green Beret SOG member and he conveys, with a powerful voice, the chaos, heartache, bravery, and honor in being in MACVSOG. "Vietnam Green Berets SOG" not only will tell you how and why these 13 men received the medal of honor, it will give you a glimpse into their life, it will explain Special Forces Culture, it will show you that any one of us can become a hero, it will move you deeply. I have heard Keith speak for years and heard many of his stories. This is one of his finest works and I recommend you share this with your fathers, your children, your friends, our veterans, and everyone who takes pride in what our service men and women do for us and our country.