Keith McKim bares his life experiences to better mankind. His passion for his country is revealed in his God fearing qualities. His CD is something every American needs to witness. Lastly, his dedication to the freedom we all experience daily is an example we shall never forget...

Michael Ensminger,

Wow!! Incredible stories of real events in our history. Keith does a wonderful job (duty) of bringing to us these incredible acts of Heroism that would just be forgotten. Thank you to each and everyone that has and is serving our country in an honorable manor. This is very moving and should be in everyone's audio library. These and stories like these should be past to generations so that real valor is not lost. Thank you Keith for your research and dedication to this project.

Wade Holder,

I found the CDs fascinating. The stories are told with an intensity and knowledge that makes you feel like you are there and in the action. The history part is enough to pay for the CD. I'm sorry for all the disrespect that the Vietnam Vets had heaped upon them.


Could not stop listening to these amazing accounts of SOG and their heroic actions in Vietnam. I am so looking forward to Keith's next installment in this series. Once you listen, you'll be hooked because we don't get the truth about Vietnam and in these accounts you will begin to truly grasp just how incredible our American soldiers were in these battles and you will also be disgusted with the arrogance and failure of our so-called leaders and their failure to support our warriors. Thanks Keith and HUA on a job well done.

James A. Lutack,