VIETNAM – Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients

CD-ROM Written & Narrated by Keith L. McKim
Yucca Creek Records
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"Keith McKim is the real deal. They do not make men like this anymore. Keith has been a 1-0 (Team Leader) of a top secret recon team. He sets a fine example of authentic masculinity and the true stories of valor and selfless service that he tells in his CD set Vietnam - Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients are absolutely captivating. My retired Delta Force Colonel friend told me that the first time he listened to it, he could not get out of his truck until the end. Keith's CD set is the most valuable CD set I personally own, and I highly recommend this as listening material for every veteran and for every young man who needs a reference of what true courage, leadership and selfless service look like.

Do yourself a favor and help a veteran by investing in this CD set. It will inspire you!"

—David Fabricius