Hi, Keith

I realize you've had a long weekend with the Victorian Society, but wanted to make sure you are aware that PBS begins a dedicated TV SERIES on the Viet Nam War tonight, Sunday, 9/17. My schedule in Texas shows it running a couple times tonight. I imagine you would want to see this. I have high respect for PBS documentaries -- they prove to be honest, accurate, powerful, and deliver the core message with impact.

I've been thinking of the many GCVS folks participating in Mount Pisgah Speaks today, and I'm certain you have given a fabulous presentation of Digger O'Dell. Thank you, once again, for your input on him when I was in Cripple Creek in August. They are fortunate to have you with the group! I hope being part of this grand, historic society spurs your imagination and brings joy. I wish I lived closer and could participate, instead of just visiting occasionally.

I also thank you for sharing the CDs on the Green Beret S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients. To say the least, the stories were jarring and incredible. I had no idea! Learning that each member was sworn to secrecy for 25 years explains the long silence of these remarkable heroes, including you. I'm embarrassed that the conflict occurred during my sheltered, secluded college years, and I was exposed to little of the horrors of the war since I had no family or close friends involved. You've certainly brought them to focus in a powerful way.

I've listened through the stories a couple of times to catch the magnitude of them. I'm left speechless by the sheer bravery and sacrifices of each man, and the tragedies of all involved. I believe you authored the script, and commend you on delivering the stark facts, but also the danger of the assignments and the commitment of the men. This is an outstanding and important work.

I'm left speechless as there's no way to put my reactions and thoughts into words. Simply said, I wish listening to these stories could be mandatory for every U.S. high school and college student, each emigrant entering our country, each protestor, and especially, each politician. These soldiers who put their lives on the line are the reason we are a free country, and that needs to be recognized, understood, and appreciated.

With this, have you told/written your own story? I'm certain it's as powerful as those recorded on the CDs, perhaps even more so, as it's YOUR story. It's obvious that this has become your passion, and for that I thank you, along with the amazing men (and their families) who made the ultimate sacrifice. You have brought them glory and honor.

With that, Keith, I thank you for your remarkable, selfless service and sacrifice. God Bless You, and God Bless The United States of America.

With gratitude,

Margie King

Margie King,