This CD will move you--true accounts of American heroes fighting and saving others in the teeth of close combat, skillfully told by a man who's been there. Keith McKim tells the stories of the men who took on impossible challenges and came through them, saving their injured fellow soldiers in the process. These were the real heroes, those who selflessly stepped out for the most difficult missions, the missions that few could accomplish. These are stories that need to be told to anyone facing overwhelming odds and who need to know that there is a way to triumph, that success can be rescued from what seems to be sure defeat, that self sacrifice and service to others does matter, that little may be enough, that hope can inspire to achieve what must be done. With piercing insight and first-hand experience, Keith McKim delivers what America needs to hear. You will be changed by hearing it. ~Norm Steen, Brigadier General (retired)

Norm Steen,