VIETNAM – Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients

CD-ROM Written & Narrated by Keith L. McKim Yucca Creek Records Available at Amazon "Keith McKim is the real deal. They do not make men like this anymore. Keith has been a 1-0 (Team Leader) of a top secret recon team. He sets a fine example of authentic masculinity and the true stories of…
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A wonderful thank you from Totsie Slover

Keith McKim is one of those special people that I met through Howard Staub.  We’ve been friends for several years and he never ceases to amaze me.  Keith is a history nut, loves to do research, is a great writer (including poetry) and talented reciter.  He is also passionate about any project he delves into but…
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Inducted into the Air Commando Association!

Keith has been inducted into the Air Commando Association! The Air Commando Association is best known for their courageous acts during the Vietnam War, they went in and rescued Air Force pilots who had been shot down. Most often they succeeded against tremendous odds.   Far too many of them died in their efforts to save others.  They have…
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